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Tax Returns

We pride ouselves on tax return services.

Tax Returns for Individuals - Fees from £125 (+ vat)

Tax returns

Are you an individual who is required to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

The answer is likely to be yes if you:

  • Are a Higher Rate Taxpayer (ie. Earning over £100,000 gross PA)
  • Are a Company Director
  • Are a Partner in a Business or in a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Are receiving any untaxed income, (ie Property or Investment Income)
  • Are receiving a Pension, Dividends, Interest and are a Higher Rate Taxpayer
  • Have received Profit on the sale of an Asset exceeding the annual tax-free allowance
If yes, your Self-Assessment Tax Return will need to be filed with HMRC for the financial year ending 5th April by 31st January next year deadline.

For a fee from just £125 + vat to individuals that fall into this bracket.

Simply contact us by Phone 07703 444 983 or email and we will discuss your circumstances and assess what information we will require from you.

We will then send you an email with a checklist of the information we will require from you so we can accurately produce your Tax Computation.

Once we have produced your Tax Computation we will send it to you via email for your approval along with your fee note. If you happy for us to proceed, we will require your fee note to be paid and we will then file your return using our HMRC integrated tax filing software.

And that’s it, all done for another year!

**All tax computations, Business Accounts and Self-Assessments are completed using the information that is provided to us. Any Bookkeeping that may be required in order to complete your Business Accounts and/or Tax Return will be charged at an hourly rate and agreed with the client beforehand. It is important the client is happy we have been furnished with all the necessary information before we file their return **